Wednesday, February 1, 2012

From Nick

Tonight's meeting was scheduled to be a night to work on the Buzz Worthy Gallery show, but because the past two days have gone so smoothly, ALL OF THE WORK IS DONE!! That being said, we have absolutely nothing planned for tonight. NOTHING. Bob suggested that we take it as a night to celebrate our success in the setting up the gallery. So, I will certainly be there in Room 213. I was thinking that we could do a longer version of Exquisite Corpse for all of you who played last semester. Also, I will be officially announcing the movies that we will be showing this semester and the dates. Finally, I would request that anyone who comes tonight take a small stack of "Buzz Worthy" postcards and take some time out tonight or tomorrow to hand them out to businesses, friends, family, etc. I've already hit a few places around town, but we need to get the word out everywhere we can before the show opens this Friday at 5.

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