Thursday, January 26, 2012

From Nick

First off, apologies to anyone who may have been confused about tonight's meeting. In the e-mail that I sent out last Wednesday I advertised that tonight we would be talking with Andy Zubko via Skype. In the future I will send out reminders the day before each meeting about what's going on that week as I have in the past. Despite that, we did have a decent turn-out tonight and although we had a few connection problems, we had a great talk with Andy about his career and involvement with LAIKA, the production company working on the stop-animation film ParaNorman, which comes out this summer. On the subject of artist talks, we already have two more Skype sessions scheduled. The first will be with Scott C. 2 weeks from today at 1PM lunch on February 8th in Room 213, and the next will be with Caitlin Hackett the following week on Thursday February 16th also at 1PM in Room 213. Here are links to each of their websites. Scott C. Caitlin Hackett Now for the SUPER IMPORTANT STUFF! SUPER IMPORTANT STUFF!! Concerning the BUZZWORTHY Gallery Show: The task has been given to me to acquire some very vital information from the artists displaying work at this event. Please read this carefully and send the required information to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 1) How would like your name to be displayed next to your artwork? (i.e. Full name, nickname, your choice, etc.) 2) What is the scientific Latin name of the insect that you illustrated 3) What media did you use? 4) Will you be selling your piece? (If YES, your piece will be sold for $200, $100 of which will be put toward the PCAD Scholarship Fund and the remaining half will go to you. Pieces cannot be sold for any other amount. If NO, then a "NFS" will be displayed with your work to state that the piece is not for sale.) It is very important that we have this information to prepare the show in time for its opening next Friday, Feb. 3rd. MORE URGENT INFO THAT I NEED! SOI will be showing 3 movies this semester, one each month. The other officers and I have compiled a list of possibilities for you to vote on. The reason we did not cover this in a meeting was so you could have time to look into these movies and see what interests you. There is a very wide variety of films from documentaries, to action, to animation, and more! Each movie was selected either because of its direct relationship to illustration/animation, excellent art direction or art-related subject matter, or some other element that ties into who we are as illustrators and animators. I will list the movies here below. We encourage you to read about or watch a preview for anything you may not have heard of. I will list them by which of us suggested each film, so that if you have any questions about one you can ask the right person. VOTING: We are trying to narrow the pool down to JUST THREE MOVIES, so what I need from each of you is to vote for 3 different movies that interest you, numbering them 1-3 starting with the one that you are most interested in. Because we plan on showing the first movie next week, I need you to get these votes in to me by Friday at 5PM, so that I have time to work up a poster and advertise its showing. Once you have picked your top three just e-mail them to me and on Friday I will tally up the votes of everyone that has voted. Please do not wait until the last minute, because we really want this to be a fair vote so that everyone is satisfied with what gets chosen. here are the movies: Allison's Picks: "Between The Folds"- Documentary about the art of Origami "Princess Mononoke"- Anime adventure fantasy about a hero and a princess who was raised by a wolf god "Paprika"- Anime film about a device that records people's dreams. Either that or Allison meant the spice made from peppers "Pan's Labyrinth"- Guillermo Del Toro's creature-filled fairy tale about a princess living in Spain under Fascist rule in the 40's Seth's Picks: "Exit Through the Gift Shop"- A look into the world of Banksy as well as Shephard Fairey and other famous street artists "Ratatouille"- Pixar film about a rat living in Paris who dreams of becoming a world-renowned chef "J.C. Leyendecker: The Great American Illustrator"- documentary about the work of the legendary illustrator Randy's Picks: "V For Vendetta"- Live-action thriller about a dystopian future in a fascist U.K. based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and David Lloyd "The Lion King"- Vote for this if you want to see me cry at least 5 times. "Art & Copy"- Award-winning documentary about the advertising industry "Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight"- documentary about the life and work of one of the greatest graphic designers of all time Nick's Picks: "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari"- German Expressionist silent film from 1920 about a sleepwalker's predictions of death, that is one of the greatest influences on the works of imaginative directors like Tim Burton. "Drew Struzan": The Making of the Hellboy Poster": Step by step look into the fascinating process of the successful poster artist "Mirrormask": The story of a girl in a mesmerizing and dangerous land from the minds of Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean, and the Jim Henson Company "The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson"- TV special that aired after Henson's death in 1990 in which the Muppets look back on his life "Sucker Punch": Zach Snyder's beautiful homage to Steampunk, Sci-Fi, Kung Fu and every other type of kick ass movie GET TO VOTING EVERYONE!!! Thanks and have a great night! -Nick

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