Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good evening SIA Members,

Tomorrow (Oct 19th) we will be meeting as usual on the second floor at 7. Remember that tomorrow we will have time to share our sketches and work on our ideas for a possible exhibition at the Lancaster Arts Hotel. We need to firm up details of the exhibition before the college can approve it. The theme as decided last week is "Myths and Legends". I spoke to Bob about the theme we chose today and he advised us to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! I couldn't agree more. While there is nothing wrong with rendering a beautiful painting of a mythological scene in a very traditional sense, this is our chance to flex our creative muscles and come up with some wild and interesting solutions. "Myths and Legends" is a theme, not a rule, so feel free to stretch it as much you'd like.

WE must set a deadline and show dates ASAP. Darcy Novello at the hotel is very flexible about this, so it is up to us to decide how soon we would like these to go up on display. Keep that in mind and be prepared to discuss time-frame, so that we can set deadlines by the end of tomorrow's meeting.

The Illustration Conference 7 will be held in June in Providence, Rhode Island. The Conference is a four day event full of activities and lectures from top illustrators in the field. The organizers of this event are looking for student volunteers to work the convention. We will talk more about this tomorrow, but since those of us interested will be trying to fill a limited number of slots along with students from other schools, I'm attaching the information that was sent to me about volunteering to this e-mail. Transportation and lodging are not provided by ICON, but if a group of SIA PCAD students were to go, we could discuss ways to raise money for the event. Though we will be talking about this at the meeting, applying to volunteer for ICON 7 is done on an individual level, so as the attachment says, you will have to send an introductory letter to Melanie Reim at .

In closing, we would really like to get through all of this business fairly quickly tomorrow, so we can spend most of the time drawing and having fun, so prepare to stay focused and on the subject when we talk about all of the things I brought up in this e-mail. Everybody, sleep well and I will see you tomorrow night!


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